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World News Express

Enabling broadcasters to integrate Reuters Video and lives into their newsroom management and production workflows.

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Easy Integration

World News Express supports the delivery of broadcast-ready HD Reuters Video and Reuters Live over satellite (with internet back-up), straight into your production systems as it is created, along with detailed shot lists, scripts and metadata to enrich coverage. World News Express integrates seamlessly with all the leading broadcast newsroom systems, so whatever your broadcast news set-up is, World News Express can flexibly adapt.

More concurrent lives than the competition

World News Express allows you to quickly search and play video content, as well as access our Live video services, which can offer up to six concurrent live events at any time across the globe. 

Best in class hardware, that’s always adapting

Reuters are always continuously improving the service to satisfy emerging customers needs. World News Express has become faster, more powerful and secure. Video formats have also enhanced in quality, the user interface has improved, and we have enabled users to access more content with seamless integration with Reuters Connect.

Furthermore, for the first time we will now be offering all of the key World News Express features via a cloud-based non-hardware solution.