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Global collection of soundbites that tell a story

Add depth, dimension and context to your audio production with Reuters award-winning journalism. Get unlimited access to real-time and archive soundbites, interviews and natural sounds from our global news and events coverage. From the latest breaking news to historical events dating back to the early 1900s, Reuters is the single source you need for raw audio content.

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 REUTERS/Issei Kato

Ready to publish audio packages, curated and voiced by experts

Follow your audience’s evolving news consumption habits with engaging ready-to-play audio packages. Choose between a selection of 1 to 2-minute curated news stories and our fully-produced 5 minute news bulletin that gets updated throughout the day. Our ready to publish audio content is optimized for use across multiple mediums, from podcasts, to radio to voice assistants.

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Upgrade your AI with Reuters news data, intelligently categorized and tailorable to your training requirements.

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