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Discover the sound of the news industry’s new frontier

A global collection of soundbites that tell a story

Add depth, dimension and context to your audio production with Reuters award-winning journalism.

Discover over 100 years of soundbites, interviews and natural sounds from our global news and events coverage: from breaking news to historical events dating back to the early 1900s, Reuters is the single source you need for audio content.

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Ready-to-Publish audio packages, curated and voiced by experts

Anticipate your audience’s evolving news consumption habits with engaging ready-to-play audio packages that leverage our collection without any additional editing.

Choose from our selection of curated news stories. Updated throughout the day as stories develop, optimized for use across multiple mediums, from podcasts, to radio to voice assistants, Reuters clips easily plug it into your existing workflow.

Voice & Audio: The News Industry’s New Frontier

In June 2020, Reuters joined Voice Global Summit, a gathering with industry leaders to discuss the future of audio.

In a keynote address, Nick Cohen, Reuters Director of Product and Core News Services, outlined what a new era of audio and voice technology means for the news and information industry, and how Reuters is evolving to meet the needs of this fast-changing space.

REUTERS/Issei Kato

Leverage Reuters content for speech algorithms

Text to Speech
With 30 million articles in 16 languages, our extensive body of text content is ready to be used for text to speech algorithms to power voice assistants and other audio applications.

Speech to text
Our closed-captions and video transcripts in over 800 thousand video assets facilitate advanced training to identify figures, scenes and soundbites and train speech to text algorithms.

Take our interactive audio quiz

Test your knowledge about some of the key moments in history by listening to the clips.

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