Ahead by a day on release of pirated ship carrying mysterious arms cargo

Reuters was alone for almost a day with news that Somali pirates were freeing a Ukrainian ship carrying more than 30 tanks after getting a ransom. The freeing of the Faina, seized in September in one of the biggest hijackings off the Somali coast, grabbed media headlines around the world. The release was an indicator of the changing security picture in the region as foreign navies tackle piracy that has forced the diversion of vessels from a vital global shipping lane and pushed up insurance rates. It also made clear the weaponry aboard, whose destination has been disputed, would not fall into the hands of Somali insurgents. Reuters broke news from sources in Haradheere port on Feb. 2 that the release would happen within days. Reuters was alone on Feb. 4 with news the pirates had received over $3 million and would free the ship within hours. The story was unmatched until it was confirmed on Feb. 5 by shipping officials and the Ukrainian president.

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