Reuters analysis about risks faced by Japanese carmakers in U.S. turmoil

Reuters produced an analysis on December 12 showed how Japan’s leading automakers — which have increased market share at the expense of Detroit’s Big Three — are now being pressured by Detroit’s financial crisis. Less than two weeks later, Toyota said it would lose money in 2009, the first time in 70 years. Associated Press, Detroit News and Detroit Free Press did a story on the same topic three days after the Reuters story, while CNN caught up four days later. Reuters` timely story underlined how Japanese automakers would not be spared in the shakeout because they now produce more than 60 percent of their vehicles sold to U.S. consumers in North America. The story included data showing that 58 percent of GM’s suppliers and 65 percent of Ford’s suppliers supply Asian manufacturers, and that Japan accounts for 13 out of the total 18 vehicle assembly plants in the United States being operated or built by non-U.S. manufacturers.

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