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Reuters examines how tooth fairy has become big business

Claer Barrett, personal finance editor for the Financial Times, has proposed the unthinkable: Killing off the tooth fairy. Her logic? In making our kids’ first interaction with money a fanciful one, where cash suddenly appears under their pillows from a "magical source," we are doing them a disservice. Predictably, Barrett’s column hit a major nerve with readers. In an insightful report, Reuters examined how the tooth fairy has become a rather big business: According to the Original Tooth Fairy Poll by Delta Dental, the average reward for a lost tooth in the U.S. in 2014 was a whopping $4.36 from $3.50 a year ago, up by about 25 percent. But on the flip side, some financial experts say it may be an overreaction to make the tooth fairy vanish for good.

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