Reuters provides analysis on Peugeot and FCA, completing their merger is just the start

Fiat Chrysler and PSA said on Jan. 4 that investors had given their blessing to a $52 billion merger to create the world’s fourth largest automaker, and shares in the new company, named Stellantis, would start trading in two weeks. Once up and running, Stellantis will have 14 car brands under one roof. Like all global automakers, Stellantis will be spending billions of dollars in the coming years to transform its vehicle range for an electric era. However, future Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares will also have other pressing issues to tackle when he takes the wheel of the new carmaker, as Reuters detailed in an in-depth analysis: quickly reviving the carmaker’s fortunes in China, rationalizing a sprawling global empire and addressing massive overcapacity.

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