Reuters shows off global reach in covering tsunami hitting Wall Street

Reuters pulled out all the stops to cover the biggest financial industry shake-up since the Great Depression. As Lehman went bust, Merrill succumbed to a takeover, and the Federal Reserve teamed up with other central banks to throw lifelines to the financial industry and markets, Reuters journalists staked out meetings on Wall Street and in the City over the weekend, gauged the impact on markets from New Zealand to New York, and interviewed executives, politicians, fund managers and affected staffers around the world. No other news organisation could match our unique combination of speed, global breadth and instant analysis. Among the highlights: 1) First with exclusive interviews with Bill Gross and Mohamed El-Erian of the top bond fund Pimco and first with Lehman’s actual bankruptcy filing. 2) Analyses on seismic industry shift, impact on markets, regulatory and political respond and ripple effects on economy, property and industry suppliers. 3) Colour an pictures from Lehman, Merrill and AIG office around the world

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