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AGENCY VIDEO: A man, a cameraman and a big, big gun

By Yann Tessier | Apr 16, 2019


The forces of the Libyan National Army (LNA) recently launched an offensive on the capital, Tripoli, where our colleagues have been first to capture the major happenings. The move against the U.N.-recognized government threatened to throw a bowling ball through international diplomacy – with considerable resonance.


Even the most powerful news brands struggle to have someone on the ground in places such as Libya – which is where we can act as an extension of your newsroom, mustering up many boots on the ground to capture visual news.

Our clients have access to video of forces being deployed outside Tripoli to join the battle, some of the first coverage of the fighting (which is where we took the picture of videographer Hani Amara at the top) and shots of LNA prisoners in Tripoli.


It’s probably worth talking about what it takes to get footage in the field…

One doesn’t just walk up to a front line – media are generally kept miles away. You need the language, an understanding of the terrain, and above all excellent connections with the local leader/mercenary. We have those. Others don’t. Even if they can get in. In all, more than 230 channels outside the US used our Libya cover.

Libya is more complicated than most wars as it’s not two-sided. There’s a mass of factions involved and you need to know all of them,”

— says Egypt & North Africa Chief Producer Seham Eloraby.

It’s they who provide both the access and the protection on the ground.”

You can surface our Libya raw video here on Reuters Connect.


Israelis go to polls in referendum on Netanyahu’s record reign

Israel’s cliffhanger election was another story that drew global interest. For those clients lucky enough to have Reuters Live, we also had more lives.

In all, 49 stories were produced about the Israeli elections since the start of the month, used by 926 channels in 69 countries that we monitor.

Where did our coverage stand out? We had more than a dozen advance features and sidebars. We had the exclusive reaction in English from Benny Gantz, the centrist former general who came so close to ending Netanyahu’s tenure in power. That edit alone was used by several hundred channels.

Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our Live service.


In the can: Reuters image of Assange in custody

The arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange after seven years holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London broke at the time of the day that’s set to stir global interest. A total of 24 edits told the day’s story, covering movement from the police station to court, to jail. We were also live for our clients at three other locations during the day. Have a great week.