Bright UGC lights up Reuters Connect - Reuters News Agency

Bright UGC lights up Reuters Connect

From eyewitness news stories to viral trending videos, Newsflare joins Reuters Connect as a new video partner

By Clare Cavanagh | Audience Development | Nov 30, 2018

From eyewitness news stories to viral trending videos, Newsflare are leaders in engaging and sharing these brilliant life moments with audiences.

The challenges with UGC content that the media industry face can be familiar and recognized in every outlet. Each business looks for new ways to increase audiences, source the best UGC available and to maintain quality content.

Newsflare aims to provide solutions to these challenges in offering a huge range of authentic, high-quality UGC videos that connect to audiences on a more ‘human’ level.

Newsflare encourages every creative person to focus on their own ability to capture real, significant happenings within a split second on their phones. They appreciate consumers’ urge for their videos to be discovered and shared, so their team provides a solid strategy to acquire vivid and compelling content.

Terry Pierce, head of editorial distribution and partnerships at Newsflare, told us why he feels proud to be a part of the Newsflare team. It’s a company that connects –– not only to service the media industry –– but also with people that want to share their stories. They are also intent in honoring the value of their members’ content. Terry believes that is the significance of this new partnership with Reuters.

It’s fantastic because it allows us to share or our members’ stories and their remarkable video to a really wide audience. It’s all about giving our members and content more opportunities”

Terry Pierce, Head of editorial distribution and partnerships, Newsflare

A vast community of members

Newsflare has a vast community of members that just happen to be in the right place at the right time. They can potentially be the first person on the scene to capture a key moment. Terry says his team calls these talented, and perhaps lucky, videographers ‘chasers’ and ‘chancers’. “80% of the content comes from our members who are aware of Newsflare and, through their lifestyle, hobbies and family life, they are actively out there capturing amazing content. So they are our chasers,” says Terry.

“Then you’ve got the other 20%, which are the ‘chancers’,” he says. The everyman or every woman who captures an incredible moment, almost by chance, and find themselves caught up in a breaking news story. “Escaping a California wildfire or in the middle of a terrorist event. Whatever it might be, they capture something compelling that needs to be shared and it plays a part in the news cycle around those events.”

Not just about viral videos

Newsflare is not just viral videos.  “We are also there for that instantaneous moment of a breaking news situation and the split between those ‘chasers’ and ‘chancers’, and then the community and their own social media who is covering it,” says Terry. “That allows both ends of that content spectrum, which is really powerful and very useful for their clients and partners.”

They use a combination of technology and very well-trained highly-skilled journalists to make the news front and center. “The technology thing is what really excites us internally. We’ve recently developed a trust algorithm which is basically taking all of our content which is upwards of approximately 6000 videos a month and we’re starting to automate how we trust those videos initially,” says Terry. “That trust element is something that is going to set us apart as we scale out our content supply and look to drive forward making sure we are first and front of mind when it comes to high-vis video.”

Newsflare partnership with Reuters Connect

 “A wider scope for their stories and their content to be shared and watched globally”

Terry Pierce, Head of editorial distribution and partnerships, Newsflare


In terms of providing ‘humanised’ content and aiming to increase engagement with new audiences, Terry and his team at Newsflare are very excited about what’s to come with their partnership with Reuters.  “That breadth of coverage and depth of coverage that Reuters has developed over a long and illustrious history. It’s about connecting Newsflare and our content to more newsrooms around the world and will give more opportunities around the world for our members to share their story and sell their videos.”

This new partnership with Reuters Connect signifies the shared importance of value in the content that they represent.  Your business can gain respect and interest from your audiences by exploring the niche content provided. Telling stories through fascinating video content, whether captured by a professional or a Newsflare member, will engage people and extend your newsroom capabilities.