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Discover how your unique talent can engage audiences

Celebrating Unique Talent Day, November 24

By Clare Cavanagh | Establish your identity | Nov 8, 2018

Bohemian Rhapsody, a new film directed by Bryan Singer, was released earlier this month.  It received mixed reviews from critics but, actor Rami Malek has been applauded for his strong, emotional performance playing the spectacular Freddie Mercury –– whose unique talent will be remembered by many generations.

The film begins with Freddie making his way to the Live Aid concert which took place on July 13 1985 –the day on which Queen made their infamous performance.  It was watched by two billion people internationally that day and has now grown a new audience due to the recent release of the film directed by Bryan Singer.  People were drawn in and have been able to revisit that day, watching Freddie’s finest performance which captivated a Wembley audience of 100,000.

People have been talking about that performance for decades, even before this film was released.  And that’s because there will never be a moment quite like it.

It was Freddie Mercury’s own unique talent that made that performance so memorable.

The key thing when you arrive on situations like this is to snap off a couple of stills from the first police cordon and then shoot some video. You need quite a bit of video: try and get the noise, the sirens and the movement”

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This could be said for a small number of people in history, going way back centuries, that have nothing to do with music or entertainment. The world would look entirely different now if it weren’t for the talent, intellect and work of Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Alan Turing, and many others.

Vera Wang would never have revolutionized the bridal industry if she had made it into the U.S figure-skating team at the 1968 Olympic Games. Steve Jobs founded a successful company from which he was fired, and later returned to bring it back to life.

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In the media industry, it is vital to develop and create a unique tone as a whole. A unique identity strengthens customer service, encourages interaction and creates a stable brand image. All of which go towards differentiating the brand.

Audiences are drawn to new, bright ideas that feel fresh and unexpected.

In the way Mercury encouraged his audience to be a part of his performance by clapping and stamping their feet, media organizations listen to their audiences which informs the direction of ideas and encourages new ways of thinking.

Buzzfeed expanded their under-30 audience by applying video to their vital content. Medium realized how inspiring their blog could become by allowing their users to publish their own writing. The Guardian entirely rebuilt their US website based on the 40,000 comments made by their readers.

The Guardian entirely rebuilt their US website based on the 40,000 comments made by their readers.

Even the smallest idea can be the first spark of a magnificent creative fire. By continuing to identify, develop and share your team’s talent, you will soon have the stage and the audience in your hands.

What is your unique talent?  Celebrate it on 24th November!