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Here is why photography is essential to your content

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words (and clicks).

Aug 9, 2017

As written word continues to be a powerful form of expression, visual storytelling has proven to be much more compelling and drives deeper engagement.

Consider the importance of visual storytelling.

Images are an international language as they speak the language of emotions and can convey messages sometimes words simply cannot. Visual storytelling allows the reader to connect on an emotional level and gives context to the story, helping the reader to understand it. Although everyone can now take pictures, it takes skills and years of experience to tell an accurate and balanced story.

As the span of attention continues to decrease, visuals are given an increasing importance. In 2017, publishers are increasingly talking about visual search and ultimately visual commerce.

Acknowledge the effect of aesthetics.

Visual content is essential but visually appealing content is vital. So what makes a good photograph? We have asked, Kevin Coombs, production editor at Reuters Pictures:

A great photograph is one that is well composed, captures a moment that informs the viewer and evokes an emotion.”

Capturing a moment that not only triggers emotions but also tells a story. A good photograph translates the essence of an event and creates attachment to the subject. However, this doesn’t happen at random, photographers need to know the context and subject they are working on and sense where a picture is hiding. This is only learnt by being out there and photographing for years, that is where we, at Reuters have experience and expertise.

The reason photography is essential.

Put together the power of visual storytelling and the impact of visually appealing imagery and you have your answer: timely, accurate and great photographs will engage the reader, and an engaged reader is likely to become a loyal reader. And we know the value of loyalty.

Our award winning photographers are always at the forefront, covering the most important events of our times. Watch the slideshow below to uncover the stories behind some striking pictures which will be shown at Visa Pour L’image, Perpignan:

Reuters Pictures Services Slideshow

Reuters will be present at France’s international photojournalism festival, Visa Pour L’image in Perpignan Sept 2-9 2017.