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Introducing Reuters Connect

Serving the needs of modern-day publishing

May 29, 2017

Reuters Connect | The power and agility to harness the world’s content

Here we are, 166 years wiser. Founded by entrepreneur Paul Julius Reuter, we are still pioneering, helping organizations to experiment using innovations that empower them to serve stories to audiences with agility and ingenuity.

Built by journalists, for journalists, Reuters Connect has been reviewed as “potentially the biggest and most impressive shop window for journalism ever created”.1  Publishers in today’s demanding world looking to reach and engage new audiences often need a unique identity and tone, and being unique in a noisey world depends on access to a breadth and depth of multimedia material from around the world. This is why Reuters Connect houses content in 10 languages (including Arabic and Chinese), grouped by 12 subject categories and 11 geographic regions. Bringing all this together in one simple platform means a streamlined editorial workflow for customers; an easier way to respond to changes in agenda, or pro-actively experiment with new areas – and that has never been done before.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect, built around the needs of modern-day publishing:


We try to humanize the news in the approach that we take, and it’s really about creating platform-appropriate content”

– Athan Stephanopoulos, president, NowThis

The commercial imperative to be current and compelling has never been greater.

Reuters Connect gives you coverage that includes breaking news and archive content as well as sports, business, entertainment and much more. Because of the ubiquitous nature of publishing, we’ve invited some of the world’s most respected media outlets to get involved, such as the BBC and Africa24; leaders in sports coverage like USA Today and MP & Silva, and entertainment coverage from Variety and Hollywood TV.

There’s also niche content which could work well for those engaging younger audiences, take a look at our range of partners, including UGC specialists Junkin Media and 3D animated news from Next Animation Studios 


I always say “Okay, test fast, test again, test again and then build it”

Gert-Jaap Hoekman, editor-in-chief,

Your audience wants more content, quicker and on their platforms of choice. These consumption patterns are the catalyst for the exponential rate of change in the market, and staying relevant (and in business!) demands that rapid testing and deployment be built into your operations.

That’s why we’ve developed you a complete proposition – portfolio, points and platform – which is the starting point for addressing the real, everyday business challenges.


One login with access to multiple providers from around the world means breadth in your reporting is so much simpler to achieve.

We know your teams are tired of multiple subscriptions and logins to access the raw content needed to get the job done. This is that one platform on the market with the bold ambition of hosting the world’s stories.

Provenance is essential in journalism. So from simple search, you can track the story from its genesis to the present day. A seriously simple, time-saving feature developed based on the feedback from journalists.


It’s no big secret that there’s pressure on most media organizations’ resources. So while the industry works on cracking the monetization conundrum, it’s essential to make budgets go further and maximize ROI. Which is why we consulted customers and experts to help us develop Reuters Points. You simply pay for the visual assets you download, and your points renew every quarter.