Live from the Paris riots with Reuters video - Reuters News Agency

Live from the Paris riots with Reuters video

Yann Tessier, our global head of output, brings together the best of video news. This week it’s all about Paris riots.

By  Yann Tessier | Audience development | Dec 07, 2018

The violence on December 1 in Paris was some of the worst in the French capital in several decades.

Even by the riotous standards of France, the violence on December 1 in Paris was some of the worst in the French capital in several decades. I began my involvement in news with riots there in the 1980s and it’s certainly the worst I can remember.

For the fourth weekend in a row, the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ (Yellow Jackets) protesters took to the streets of the French capital on December 8. The overwhelming majority wanted to protest peacefully against a planned fuel tax increase and the cost of living.

But as in previous weeks, a minority of rioters clashed with police. Of the more than 1,000 arrested nationwide, more than two thirds were in Paris.

Cars were burnt and shops looted as riot police clashed with what ministers said were professional rioters from the extreme right and the extreme left of the political spectrum.

Cars toppled and set alight – highlights of clashes between police and “yellow vest” protesters in Paris

A Showcase for Reuters Live

Last weekend showed high demand for Reuters Live. We offered a single mixed signal on Reuters Live Service and a series of individual streams on Reuters live, offering partners more flexibility with how they want to mix their live video.

Below is a compilation of how some televison channels used Reuters live video to tell the story of the worst rioting in decades to hit Paris.

Wrap of clashes between ‘yellow vest’ protesters and police as night falls


With hours of material, the challenge swiftly became one of curation – how to select the most evocative sequences from hours of live broadcasts. Producers in Paris and London worked tirelessly throughout the day to craft individual edits of each development. Several dozen hit the service during the day, available for editing within minutes of the events having taken place.

Please come well dressed for work

Some of the worst unrest in the past 50 years also poses a significant risk for our journalists. A press card is no longer a guarantee of safety: journalists and camera crews have been targeted by rioters in recent weeks. So this is how our colleagues dress for work: helmet with vizor, stab vest, facemask, and throw in some shin pads for good measure. Nylon clothing is a no-no as it doesn’t work well with burning cars.