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New technologies, new content opportunities

In a constantly changing media landscape, technology tailored content is key to survival.

By  Alice Rizzo | Oct 20, 2017

Across the globe, publishers are investing in new methods for producing and delivering content. What are the motivations behind these investments and what benefits do they bring?

Let’s explore how publishers have been experimenting with new ways of storytelling…


Creating immersive brand experiences 

Marie-Claire, a monthly women’s publication covering health, beauty and fashion,  has partnered with Clarins, Mastercard and Neiman Marcus to create a pop-up shop. The initiative gives readers a chance to experience Marie-Claire’s world. The store collaborated with both commercial and editorial side of the magazine bringing the brand and their content to life.

Inside Marie Claire’s pop-up experiential shop in New York’s SoHo

Betting on trending platforms to reach young audience

To reach younger audiences, Le Monde partnered with Snapchat Discover and experimented with short-form content to be published on the social app. Because of the platform requirements, an essential consideration was how to adapt journalistic standards, expectations and user experiences while preserving the paper’s editorial identity.

Investing in Virtual Reality to create extra value
The German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung has been producing VR/360 video since 2016 and since have been publishing a new story every six weeks. According to, Lutz Knappmann, head of editorial innovation for digital products, the project was integrated within a more general strategy to boost digital subscriptions.

Experimenting with diverse formats to reach wider audience

Italian newspaper, La Reppublica, experimented with different formats for the same piece of content to be distributed on different platforms. An eight page summary for print, a web series for social and a documentary sold to broadcasters. The aim was to fruitfully adapt content to be delivevered to a wider audience.

In today’s media landscape, it is essential for news brands to adapt to the way consumers access information. Experimenting with new forms of storytelling helps reaching new audiences.

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