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Nothing beats the original Oktoberfest

Little spin-off Oktoberfests have popped up across countries. However, there is nothing quite like the original.

By  Sarah Emler | Aug 16, 2018

Bavarian state Premier Horst Seehofer (L) and Munich mayor Dieter Reiter

“It’s tapped!” are the words of Munich’s mayor, just before handing over the first mug of beer to the Minister-President of the State of Bavaria at the opening of Oktoberfest.

The biggest traditional fair in the world is happening for the 185th time, reviving old traditions from September 22-October 7––and Reuters will be there to capture the best moments.

Oktoberfest originates from the wedding celebration of Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen in 1810. To honour their marriage, amongst other parties, a horse race was organized at Theresienwiese. Ever since, there has been a feast at this very special meadow and Oktoberfest was born. Little did they know of the global appeal this celebration would attract in years to come.

People in traditional costumes take part in Oktoberfest

Quite possibly the best beer in the world!

Following strict instructions, each brewery presented at Oktoberfest concocts an exclusive beer for the occasion. Its strength ranges between 5.8% – 6.44% alcohol content and must include a minimum of 13.5% wort (the liquid extract from the ground malt and grain soaked in hot water, known as the mash in brewing). Purity requirements are water, barley, and hops.

This beer is found at the original fair in Munich and is purported to be the best beer in the world. You might recognise the specially designed, one litre mugs––ten of which are carried at a time by a single waitress.

A waitress carries beer in a tent during Oktoberfest

Celebrating Bavarian style

In 2017, a number of celebrities were part of the 6.2 million people who visited the fair, including FC Bayern München players. And––believe it or not––it is said that the young Albert Einstein worked the festival as an electrician! Another charm of the celebration is how it keeps Bavarian culture alive, with participants donning Dirndl and Lederhosen to look the part.

David Alaba, Douglas Costa, and Franck Ribery of FC Bayern Munich

A social hit: 500,000 tweets world-wide

There are over 30 social media hashtags to follow, unsurprisingly, the most popular #Oktoberfest has featured in 500,000 tweets world-wide. It definitely is an event not to be missed!

From the famous parade that includes Bavarian brass bands and artists from around the world, capturing celebrities and politicians enjoying the exceptional beer and showing the best traditional Dirndl and Lederhosen, we are there when the first keg of beer has been tapped.