Reuters and its partners have you covered, whatever the weather. - Reuters News Agency

Reuters and its partners have you covered, whatever the weather.

Drop in temperatures meant hot weather content

By Justine Flatley | Mar 2, 2018

The weather, traditionally a go-to for idle chatter, is making headlines.

The sub-zero temperatures which caused Niagara Falls to freeze topped the list of downloaded content from Reuters partners in January 2018.

Jennifer Lawrence hit the headlines when she spoke out against trolls for wearing that Versace dress despite the cold, and millions of sky gazers mobilized to watch the super lunar eclipse across Australia, Asia, Russia and North America.

Weather, similar to the news, is unpredictable. Record weather conditions are having a huge impact on people’s day-to-day lives and our partner content effectively covers all angles.  So it is important for you to know you can rely on a well-rounded content platform to provide the coverage you need, when you need it. 

Our strategy is to create partnerships that will effectively complement the top quality coverage that Reuters News Agency provides, ensuring that the Reuters Connect platform is a one-stop shop for all our customers’ needs.”

— Justine Flatley, product manager – content partnerships.

Curious about the science behind the weather?

AccuWeather explained the top climatology facts including why the Winter Olympics are only held in the Northern Hemisphere. Next Animation explained China’s air pollution and how hurricanes form.

By providing forecasts and warnings with superior accuracy, AccuWeather helps save more lives, keeps more people safe, and helps companies plan more effectively in all weather conditions.”

— Samantha Minish, director of content strategy, AccuWeather.

Access to AccuWeather content gives you the opportunity to reach new audiences around the globe with weather video coverage. They upload the content to Reuters new platform where you can access breaking news, explanations of weather phenomena, or AccuWeather ready preparedness information.

The dream team of editorial content providers

Reuters partner portfolio covers sports, entertainment, user-generated content, regional news, evergreen stories and much more. 

Spoiled for choice, Reuters customers can access the top league games via USA Today Sports, UGC kings Jukin Media’s latest trending videos, ideal evergreen content from the Wibbitz archive and have the ability to create custom content with Next Animation.

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