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Reuters Connect wins digital innovation award

Does your newsroom have them?

By Alice Rizzo | Apr 25, 2018

Reuters Connect has been honored as the International Digital Innovation of the Year at the Newsawards where innovations from around the world were on display in this category.

Formerly the “Newspaper Awards“, the event celebrates the best in news media and honors entries that “demonstrate the most innovative, creative or commercial implementation of digital media”. According to their website, they are the “only awards dedicated to business innovation”.

The Newsawards described Reuters Connect as “demonstrating clever use of available technology” while building “an invaluable tool for journalists with potential to improve news journalism”.


Haris Agha, our global head of customer experience, commented:

“I’m thrilled for this award and so grateful to the judges for giving us the honor. This is proof of what we can accomplish as a team. Many thanks to our leadership team for showing us the vision, trusting us to execute, and supporting us throughout; to the engineering team for just making it all work with the best-in-class technology.

But above all, I want to thank our clients – this would not be possible if our clients did not invest the time to help us create this award-winning platform. Client input and feedback is the true essence of Reuters Connect.

Reuters Connect makes a journalist’s workflow much simpler. Our clients care about user experience, flexibility, world-class content, and speed. Connect handles all four brilliantly.

The next chapter will build upon these core values and add differentiators that our clients need. Many of these differentiators are already in progress so watch this space closely.”

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