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Reuters first to deliver real-time election results from New Hampshire primary

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By Heather Carpenter | Feb 12, 2020

On Tuesday evening, Reuters was first in delivering to news agency customers real-time results from the New Hampshire primary via a collaboration with the National Election Pool (NEP) and Edison Research. Reuters was ahead by 30 minutes in offering first results to customers and more than 10 minutes ahead on calling the race.

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Reuters customers were able to purchase accurate vote counts and exit polls for the New Hampshire primary on Reuters Connect, which were distributed with the real-time speed and precision that their audiences expect.

The New Hampshire Union Leader, the state’s paper of record, chose Reuters News Agency as its main source to receive New Hampshire primary results. Executive Editor Tim Kelly said: “The NEP data product turned out to be an attention-grabbing part of the Union Leader’s first-in-the-nation primary coverage. This was head and shoulders above – and ahead – of what anyone else had, and exactly what people expect from our political coverage. For most of the night, we had double the precincts reporting of any other media outlet. The package was quick to set up and integrate into our digital election pages, your team was a pleasure to work with, and the presentation was clean and flexible. From a reader standpoint, the interface was easy to use, and the data was amazingly timely and comprehensive. All in all, a big primary win for us.”

During this critical election year, Reuters News Agency will offer customers the ability to purchase access to the fastest and most accurate vote counts and exit polls for critical contests nationwide in the run-up to the presidential election.

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This piece was originally published on Reuters Press Blog