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Reuters Productivity Suite: content-creation possibilities at a click of a button

The Productivity Suite is now available for Reuters customers to take their editorial to the next level

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By Sahar Amer |  Apr 15, 2020

Now in addition to your Reuters Connect subscription – which includes access to over 15 million pieces of premium content in 16 languages across a range of all multimedia including video, graphics, text and pictures – you can access the Reuters Productivity toolkit designed to help you streamline workflow. 

Rapid changes to the news industry is still taking its toll in many newsrooms. Increasing budgetary constraints, cutbacks to editorial, and the perpetual slew of the 24 hour news cycle are making managing the daily news operation more and more challenging. Recognizing these pressures, Reuters Productivity Suite empowers newsrooms to streamline your content output by providing easy-to-use creation, production and editing tools which allows you to build ready to publish content all in one place – without the friction of having to hop between platforms. 

What’s more, the same points from your Reuters Connect subscription can be used to access any of the Productivity Suite tools as well as both Reuters and partner content. You also have the opportunity to sample any of the outputs you create– points will only be used to download the footage, video, or music you want to use. 

The first three partners available through the Productivity Suite are Stringr, Invideo, and Amper. 

Stringr: A network of freelancers at your disposal

Stringr is a digital platform that helps broadcasters and digital publishers quickly source exclusive raw video from anywhere in the US and UK.

You can send a request for a video (breaking news, planned event, or B-roll), the request then goes out in real-time via push notification to all nearby videographers. Those videographers then shoot (either with a smartphone or with stand-alone camera) and upload it back to the Stringr platform where the video is immediately available for you to download.

The benefits: 

  • Covers areas where there’s no staff or where staff is stretched thin
  • Pay with points only after you review and are happy with the content
  • Video is exclusive for 30 days

Watch the video tour to learn more about Stringr

Amper: Rights-cleared, original soundtracks

Amper is a creative AI-based tool that allows you to compose original and rights-cleared music for all your content needs regardless of whether you have any musical experience.

You can create custom made music in seconds, reclaiming the time spent searching through stock music. The Creative AI produces music based on what genre, length, and structure you input for video, podcast, radio, and video game production. 

The benefits:

  • Easy to use editing for non-musicians to quickly generate music
  • Rights-cleared license when synced to content
  • High-quality library of live-recorded instrument samples and musician-trained Creative AI

Watch the video tour to learn more about Amper

InVideo: Versatile video-creation platform 

InVideo is a one-stop solution for all video creation online and can fulfill the needs of basic video creator’s as well as those of an advanced level. 

The platform uses Artificial Intelligence to empower you to create great video by providing a wide range of templates across categories and business types. You receive complete editing flexibility and creative power, thanks to it’s easy-to-use drag and drop function. InVideo is trusted by users from over 150 countries and supports videos in more than 75 languages.

The benefits:

  • Easy to use, intuitive editing that works for both basic and advanced levels
  • Over 1,700 ready-made templates to help create videos faster
  • Multi-user capabilities to facilitate collaboration

Watch the video tour to learn more about InVideo 

As the news industry becomes more competitive, collaboration and partnerships are also increasingly valuable. Reuters Productivity Suite offers exclusive ‘end-to-end’ news production solutions from wide and diverse partners, helping your newsroom’s budget go further, empowering your journalists to tell the stories that matter, quicker.  

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