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Reuters at SXSW 2019

Arming news gatherers against video fakes

By Giles Crosse | Feb 28, 2019

Disinformation is growing at an alarming rate. A new breed of AI-driven faked videos have the potential to forge news events, escalating propaganda and harming the fundamentals of society. Against this backdrop, Reuters head of video products Nick Cohen and Hazel Baker, head of UGC newsgathering will present at SXSW on how these latest forgeries fit into a sliding scale of video falsehoods and what can be done to mitigate this danger.

How fake is your video?

Just days ago, UK lawmakers called for a new ethics code on disinformation and fake news. Their reaction illustrates the pace at which lies and misinformation have penetrated the news industry, social media and society.

News organizations must react and adapt. Against an unprecedented level and breadth of falsehood, subject matter specialists must grasp the myriad dangers to the news ecosystem.

Responding to video fakes requires a deft hand, from catching simple mislabelling errors to minimising targeted impacts of governmental or major corporate deceptions. News organizations have a responsibility to both global society and their customers to adapt and evolve across this disruptive landscape.

Reuters is innovating, seeking the best solutions to video manipulation and faking. Our analysts will elaborate on the newest tools and approaches for newsgatherers at SXSW: Preparing for the Next Wave: Video Fake News, March 8, 2019.

We will also publish further assets and advice following the event. Bookmark our pages and check back in the following weeks!