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CBS/Viacom, Saudi Crown Prince interview, massacre in Myanmar, clashes with Israeli troops

Apr 13, 2018

Palestinian demonstrators shout during clashes with Israeli troops

Mid-afternoon on a scorching hot Friday near the Gaza-Israel border east of Gaza City, Reuters photographer Mohammed Salem captured this striking photo of Palestinian demonstrators shouting during clashes with Israeli troops.

Seventeen years of experience as a photographer in the Gaza Strip meant that Salem knew that Friday was likely to be a busier day than others at the protest camps that have sprung up along the Gaza-Israel border.It was between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. on Apr. 6 , as the protests intensified, that the smoke suddenly cleared and the moment presented itself for Salem to capture the shot.


CBS plans all-stock bid for Viacom below current valuation

Viacom shares dropped as much as 4.7 percent after Reuters was first to report on Apr. 2 that CBS Corp planned to make an all-stock offer for Viacom that values the U.S. media company below its current market valuation, indicating that tough negotiations lie ahead

Reuters interview: Saudi Crown Prince says OPEC, Russia considering 10- to 20-year oil alliance

Reuters exclusively reported that Saudi Arabia and Russia are working on a historic long-term pact that could extend controls over world crude supplies by major exporters for many years. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told Reuters that Riyadh and Moscow were considering a deal to greatly extend a short-term alliance on oil curbs that began in January 2017 after a crash in crude prices.

Reuters investigation: The day they took our men

In a new Reuters Special Report, the families of 10 massacred Rohingya men tell their stories. In February, a Reuters investigation revealed how Myanmar soldiers and Buddhist villagers had shot and hacked 10 Rohingya men to death. The families of the men made the painful choice to flee Myanmar without knowing their fate, crossing rivers and seas to reach safety in Bangladesh.

Seven months after the murders, Reuters tracked down the victims’ families in different corners of the Bangladeshi camps to hear their stories of loss, love and survival. There, in teeming refugee camps, they finally learned what happened on that rain-swept September day in their village of Inn Din.