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Reuters Updates: Content Highlights, Christine Lagarde and more

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Reuters Highlights: Early-April

From the megaship blocking the Suez Canal to silver-painted boys in Indonesia, this is Reuters, the real-world in real-time.

Reuters Newsmaker with Christine Lagarde

Steering the post-pandemic economy: an exclusive Newsmaker conversation with Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank. Lagarde speaks with Reuters Breakingviews Global Economics Editor Swaha Pattanaik and Global Editor, Rob Cox.

Myanmar Coverage from Connect Partners

Discover all of the latest video, imagery and UGC coming out of Myanmar in real-time, including the world’s reaction to the military coup, on Reuters Connect.

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How To Plan For An Emergency

In this live installation of “The Great Reboot”, Reuters editor, Lauren Young discusses financial wellness and the importance of having access to emergency funds – a key learning from this past year. Join this enlightening conversation that will help put your workforce on the path to success.

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