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Reuters Updates: Content Highlights, editorial webinar and more

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Explore Reuters Updates and step into a new world of Reuters content. From exciting events and product updates to thought leadership and inspiring video, get the latest from Reuters all in one place.

Reuters Highlights: Mid-June

From G7 leaders in Cornwall to a Euro 2020 live tracker – this is Reuters, the real world in real time.

The Middle East and North Africa Reshaped

In a region where geopolitics never stay in one place for long, which countries are pulling ahead as leaders in the Middle East and North Africa? Hear from our experts on which stories you need to follow to give your audiences the full picture.

How can news organizations inspire trust in their reporting?

Experts at the Reuters Institute for Journalism recently published a study that outlines a path to finding the answer. Read our analysis of the study and what its findings mean for news organizations.

Coverage of Pride Month from Reuters Connect Partners

View celebrations and regional protests during Pride Month from around the world in multimedia formats, captured by Reuters Connect Partners.

Intro to Digital Journalism Training Course

The Facebook Journalism Project and Reuters launched a free e-learning program that allows participants to take a deep dive into best practices for budding and experienced journalists alike.

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