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Reuters Updates: Content Highlights, Partner Content from Japan, and more

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Reuters Highlights: End-July

Catastrophic floods wreak havoc across Europe and athletes continue their quest for gold at the Tokyo Games. This is Reuters, the real world in real time.

Coverage from Japan by Reuters Connect Partners

View all of the latest multimedia from outside of the Olympic stadium alongside coverage of the games, provided by our Japanese partners on Reuters Connect: Kyodo News, Aflo, Yomiuri Shimbun, Nippon TV and Spectee. Speak to an expert to get access to world-class content from our partners from around the world.

Vaccines, Variants and Verification: COVID-19 coverage rooted in public safety

Did you miss our event with Reuters editors on our COVID-19 coverage. Get the behind-the-scenes perspective from our team of experts on what it takes to deliver world-class health coverage that is rooted in a commitment to journalistic integrity and public safety. Watch on-demand today.

Reuters launches fact-checking work to counter vaccine misinformation in Hispanic communities

With false content readily shared online, it is imperative that we help debunk misinformation for communities around the world. This project, in partnership with the International Fact-Checking Network, WhatsApp’s Vaccine Grant programme and UNO TV, is designed to do just that.

Intro to Digital Journalism Training Course

The Facebook Journalism Project and Reuters launched a free e-learning program that allows participants to take a deep dive into best practices for budding and experienced journalists alike.

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