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Reuters Video: Burning down the house

From Amazonian fires, fire fighting in Hong Kong to fiery debate, we cover the news that matters.

REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

By Yann Tessier |  Sep 19, 2019

Slithering from disaster

Slithering through destruction, Reuters visual journalists captured the moment a venomous snake fled the fires which have ravaged its habitat. Rushing towards the front lines of disaster, our journalists continue to capture the chilling details of the Amazonian fires as they emerge. This image, emblematic of the tragedy, was used globally by our clients. But this isn’t the only image that has resonated with audiences worldwide: our footage of injured wildlife has gathered global interest, and has been used to capture the essence of this world changing event. 

A presidential invitation

As part of ongoing efforts to tame the blaze, Bolivian President Evo Morales invited Reuters’ Santiago Limachi to join him and cover him fighting fires. Not only did Santiago’s impressive photography credentials make him an excellent candidate to join the president, but Morales was aware of Reuters presence on the ground, thanks to our dynamic coverage of his country’s efforts. These opportunities reflect Reuters position as a trusted and active storyteller, not just in Bolivia but in hundreds of other locations worldwide.

Greta arrives in New York

With the ‘lungs of the world’ ablaze, Teenage climate activist, Greta Thunberg continues to dominate global headlines. Thunburg’s arrival in New York caused a stir, as some politicians and pundits alike denounced the teens presence at the UN General Assembly. 

In a two week voyage, Thunburg travelled to the US by boat so as to not add to her carbon footprint. Upon her arrival, Reuters was granted one of only two exclusive interview slots as the teen entered New York. 

REUTERS/Mike Segar

Hong Kong- still rocking

While the CEO of Hong Kong has granted a concession to revoke the proposed extradition bill, protests continue in earnest. Now in it’s twelfth week, relations between police and protesters is beginning to disintegrate. Images of the bitter tensions between police and protesters dominate headlines; police attempt to disperse the protests with water cannons and tear gas with protesters retaliating with petrol bombs and bricks. 

Capturing every second, our journalists are driving this giant global story hard. Since the start of the troubles, channels across the world have used Reuters footage to tell this story.

G7 Summit

Reuters journalists were the fastest on the ground at the recent G7 summit in Biaritz. Beating our competition to the punch, our journalists captured the talks as they unfolded. Reuters journalists were the first to get edits out, and set the agenda for news outlets globally.

We won’t take this lying down

Making global headlines, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s slouched position in parliament ignited a new kind of fury in the UK populace (and launched a thousand memes in the process). Single handedly resurrecting old parliamentary demons of classism and elitism, the front bencher screeched to viral stardom. Over the course of one inflammatory week, Reuters pulled together the clips that mattered most from British parliament. Capturing bitter exchanges across the house, Reuters was the only outlet to film: one MP’s denunciation of the PM for racism, the defection of one Conservative MP to the Liberal Democrats, not to mention the sexist jibes Johnson launched at his opposition.