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Reuters Video: Coronavirus, coronavirus, coronavirus

Dominating world headlines, and government agendas, Reuters covers the story as it unfolds.

REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

By Yann Tessier | 05 Mar, 2020

It’s impossible to overstate the impact of Coronavirus on the global news agenda, as governments scramble to respond to the threat and reassure their populations.

As the story of the epidemic unfolds, the scale of resources that support our journalism has empowered our staff to capture intimate moments and exclusive coverage. 

Here are the stories that matter this week…

Trouble in Italy

Detections hit an all-time high, with Italy alone accounting for just over 20% of all detections captured by Reuters news video this week – a feat that required significant effort from the lean team over in Italy. With Northern Italy hit hard by Coronavirus, Venice is seen deserted as tourists shun the typically busy city.

Five stars all the way…

In a four-star hotel in Tenerife, tourists from 25 different countries were held in quarantine. That’s publishers and broadcasters in 25 different countries for whom this story was the absolute top priority. We were at the hotel shortly after the story broke, delivering video in time for midday bulletins in Europe, and live soon after.

The year of the storyteller

This year will be all about storytelling, and the coronavirus crisis is accelerating us down that path. Because we refuse to expose our staff to red zones, we have developed innovative ways of reporting from behind the lines.

For several days last week, school teacher Marzio Toniolo gave daily updates on life behind the lines in the village of San Fiorano, Italy. His chronicles have evolved into the LOCKDOWN series, capturing the attention of audiences everywhere.

Creative Coverage

“Our red-zone diaries have put human storytelling right at the heart of our Italian Coronavirus coverage,” says Tom Platt, Digital Editor for Visuals. But it’s not just our human touch pieces that resonate with customers. The slow-motion video of Beijing to mark the third month of the country’s coronavirus crisis combines picture-postcard shots with good natural sound. It’s a feast for the eyes – and ears.