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Reuters Video: Don’t miss the boat 

From coronavirus exclusives, Thailand tragedy to Oscars fun, Reuters has the coverage that makes news.

REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun

By Yann Tessier | 19 Feb, 2020

It’s been a week of extremes: from capturing the glamor of the Oscars to covering the heartbreaking aftermath of a shooting in Thailand, Reuters journalists have been hot-footing it across the globe to bring you the most compelling coverage.

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Don’t miss the boat

The threat of Coronavirus continues to loom large over tourist travel. The Westerdam, a 2,000 person cruiser, was turned away from five ports in Cambodia following resistance from port officials fearing coronavirus. Despite there being no confirmed reports of the virus, the vessel was forced to attempt dockage at an unplanned port. Reuters brought the event to life by using a live transmission app on a smartphone.

Coronavirus Exclusive

The life threatening virus continues to dominate headlines as doctors and officials attempt to bring the epidemic under control. To get under the skin of the phenomenon, Reuters secured an exclusive with China’s top virus expert Zhong Nanshan. In a moving interview, Nanshan shed tears over the death of Li Wenliang, the young doctor and whistleblower who attempted to raise the alarm over the rise of Coronavirus. The exclusive footage resonated with clients, and many broadcast customers rushed to deliver the interview to their clients.

Thailand Shooting

The terrible actions of a rogue Thai soldier have deeply wounded the community in the north eastern province of Nakhon Ratchasima. Killing 21 and injuring dozens more in an attack on a shopping mall. Reuters journalist, Prapan Chankaew was the first to arrive and went live on his phone, to provide immediate coverage of the tragedy.

Oscars fun

Taking in the glitz and glam of the Oscars 2020, Reuters journalists arrived in ties and tuxedos to capture the much-anticipated Oscars, gathering coverage of the best and brightest. From Natalie Portman’s controversial cape, Billie Eilish’s self described ‘trash’ performance, to Parasites historic and wonderful win, scooping up best picture. Our speed, savoir-faire, and determination allowed us to send out amazing content to customers, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of the celebration.