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Reuters news agency video: Feel the global reach

It’s been a busy start to March. Venezuela, the Trump/Kim summit, simmering tensions between India and Pakistan have all dominated the headlines. And that’s before we mention the Oscars.

By Yann Tessier | Mar 6, 2019


It’s a great week to showcase what it means to have a global reach: we were on Venezuela’s borders with Colombia and Brazil, on the border between India and Pakistan, and on the border between China and Vietnam – where North Korea’s Kim arrive for his summit.

Our cover proved one point: the more video is strong, emblematic and preferably exclusive, the more it will break through the noise.


Exclusive – simple as that!

We were exclusive at the Venezuela-Brazil border as Reuters provided the only live signal of the clashes. Other highlights of the Venezuelan news included:

  • Quality images from Tachira with a rooftop live of tear gas and clashes. The rooftop position provided a superior vantage point that showed the full picture of the unrest.
  • Two stories on Univision’s news anchor Jorge Ramos shortly after he was released from detention following an interview with President Maduro.
  • Human stories captured the drama of the unfolding crisis – the increasing threat of malnourishment and hunger, families fleeing the country along perilous routes, members of the Venezuelan military forces abandoning their homeland.

Venezuela is currently at the center of global attention. It’s a big place, with action along the borders as well as in Caracas and in the corridors of power. We are at all the key flashpoints – and then some.

Tear gas, rocks fly as Venezuelan clashes spill over into Brazil border region

DON <3 KIM? Probably not

One of the most sought-after stories was the Trump/Kim summit. No less than 1,161 TV channels used our material, with well over 200 running one of our several live signals.

RTX6PP98 Leah Millis 1 1


A clear win on Asia’s other massive global story: the unfolding tensions between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan over Kashmir.

A total of 536 channels used our coverage, which ended with live signals from both sides of the border to cover the release of a pilot whose jet had been shot down.

RTX6PHIN Mohsin Raza 1

It’s the Oscars!

I wish we had a spoonful of caviar for every time a client has told us what a great showbiz service we have! No less than 916 channels worldwide used Reuters cover. Our material was heavily used on home ground, in the U.S.

And, if you’re considering trying our showbiz content, the next big Showbizzy event is the Cannes Film Festival in France from May 13-25 –– request instant access to Reuters Connect and take a look at upcoming and archive showbiz events.

That’s it for now, have a good week.

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