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Reuters Video: Football crazy, chocolate mad

From the Women’s World Cup, to a melting Eiffel Tower, Reuters provides the news that matters.


By Yann Tessier | Jul 30, 2019

Southern California Earthquake

Earlier this month, Southern California was shaken by a landmark earthquake. Reaching a magnitude of 7.1, the quake triggered fault line cracks across the state. On the scene early, Reuters supplied footage from 0400 GMT onwards. Our deft reporters supplied major US networks with arresting video from the ground, keeping the world up to date.  

Worldwide, more than 525 channels relied our UGC cover, while a total of 950 channels ran at least one piece of UGC footage of the quake. 


Women’s World Cup: Football’s coming home…

Thanks to a series of dominant performances throughout this year’s tournament, the US team took the win to become champions of the Women’s World Cup. But it wasn’t just the US to score: Reuters News Agency provided unrivaled coverage of the victory, providing our clients with unparalleled access to the celebrations.

The official signal put out by organizers was highly restricted, particularly for New York customers. To mitigate the impact, Reuters New York bureau put considerable effort into providing a restrictions-free signal of the event. Thanks to our hard work, our customers viewed the tournament hassle free- watching the drama of the pitch without the disappointment of patchy coverage. 

Reuters Connect/ USA TODAY NETWORK

A Greek tragedy

Even when on vacation, Reuters reporters don’t take a day off. Two staff members on leave in northern Greece captured the moment freak storms devastated the Grecian coastline, wreaking havoc across the holiday spot and killing several tourists.  

Mere moments from the disaster, one staffer had to run to safety before recording events as they unfolded. Providing immersive OGC insight into the storm, our staffers worked tirelessly to capture the realities of the tragedy. Their hard work resulted in our coverage being selected by 453 channels globally to capture the event. 

REUTERS/Alexandros Avramidis

Boris Johnson elected as UK Prime Minister

Uniquely polarizing, Boris Johnson was last week elected as Prime Minister of the UK. While his tenancy as PM will undoubtedly be tumultuous, his appointment is of no small significance; Johnson will lead the UK’s efforts to depart the European Union (EU) by October 31, and will likely be the politician to deliver on Mrs. May’s promise that ‘Brexit means Brexit’. 

Thanks to our relationship with the BBC, Reuters is uniquely placed to cover the UK political landscape, capturing events as they unfold. 

The explosive negotiations behind Brexit are not yet behind us, and it is likely the UK’s exit from the EU will dominate headlines across Europe, North America, much of Asia and the Commonwealth; in the final quarter of 2019, it is entirely possible that UK content will rival the US as the most-used category by video clients

Lorne Campbell/Pool via REUTERS

Hot Chocolate in Paris

Weather in northern Europe hit new highs last week, with temperatures soaring well above previous records. As sweltering Europeans struggled under the sun’s rays, the Eiffel Tower (in solidarity with her perspiring nation) started to melt… or did it?

Our team in Paris filmed a time lapse of a chocolate Eiffel Tower melting in front of the real one, taking only 10 minutes to crumble in the 105 degree fahrenheit heat. Almost 500 customers showcased the footage- showcasing the popularity of our imaginative, and delicious, coverage. You can access the 59 second time lapse on Reuters Connect. 

British Oil Vessel Captured

Reuters news teams were first on the ground to report the capture of a British oil vessel by Iranian forces. “We hope this situation can be resolved swiftly and will continue to hold an open dialog with all involved governments and authorities to secure the release of the crew and vessel,” Stena Bulk and Northern Marine Management said in a statement. Crew members are reported to be ‘safe and well.’ 

Reuters News Agency footage of the captured vessel was shared over 1,000 channels internationally and was our most popular single piece of video footage. Access the raw footage on Reuters Connect.

Iran, Mizan News Agency/WANA Handout via REUTERS