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Reuters Video: Happy New Year?

From the Australian Wildfires, growing pressure in Iran to a right Royal mess, Reuters provides the news that matters.


By Yann Tessier | 13 Jan, 2020

As the clock struck midnight on December 31st 2019, we toppled, expectantly, into a bright new decade. But only 17 days into the roaring twenties, we’re asking where’s the ‘happy’ in ‘new year’? From Australian wildfires, a ruptured British Royal family to the American assassination of a top Iranian General, Reuters journalists have certainly been put through their paces this January.

Increasingly thinly-staffed newsrooms face the ongoing challenge of putting out more material faster. To help in the fight, Reuters consistently delivers stories that matters to our clients, providing the news at pace, with the added extras that we know make all the difference… 

Capturing the news of the killing of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, Reuters were three minutes ahead of our major rival servicing financial markets, and provided our clients with critical information before anyone else. Reuters captured defining footage from the aftermath of the assassination, including powerful imagery of a Force Commander stooped over the coffin of his colleague, mourning Qassem Soleimani at his funeral. 

Reuters was also the only news outlet that provided witness of Soleimani’s car clear up, in a swift drive past shot that set the scene for our customers. 

One of the most tragic news stories from January, Iranian military staff mistakenly fired a missile at a Ukranian passenger plane, killing all on board. Verified UGC from the scene captured compelling footage of the disaster, and helped to confirm the accuracy of the story, particularly once Iran took responsibility for the tragedy.

As a result, this enabled Reuters, in conjunction with our world class partners, to provide exclusive footage of the disaster to customers and real time insight into the event.

The world has watched in horror at the images released from Australia’s wildfires, killing a staggering mass of wildlife, forcing thousands to flee their homes and profoundly damaging the ecology of the once lus h country. Jill Gralow, head of video operations in Australia for Reuters said: “You can drive for hours and hours without seeing people. Just miles and miles of burnt land.” 

Reuters are amongst the very few who have gained access to the fires thanks to the experience and expertise of our journalists- if you are unable to prove fire accreditation, you will be sent away. Whilst our competitors are recycling material from Australian broadcasters to prop up their content, Reuters are on the road, shooting material of its own. Check it out on Reuters Connect. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s shock decision to take a step back from the frontline of royal duties in the UK has rocked the palace and its surrounding politics. Capturing the full aspect of this landmark event, Reuters Journalists have worked hard to procure every angle, reaction and sidebar, to ensure our clients were able to release fresh and interesting material –– you can access Royal coverage on Reuters Connect.