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Reuters video: Madame X and hot in Hong Kong

By Yann Tessier | Jun 18, 2019

Madame Xclusive

Reuters had an agency exclusive on a junket interview with “Queen of Pop” Madonna. We ran two agency edits off the interview, one focusing on the release of Madonna’s new album and where her music is headed and the second edit about her political activism: #MeToo and making music in an age of division. Available on Reuters Connect using Reuters Points, or by subscription to Showbiz video.

Hot in Hong Kong

We’ve had huge demand for our cover from Hong Kong, during clashes between protesters and the authorities over controversial extradition laws to China that were suspended on Saturday.

1043 channels used our cover at some stage last week. Some of the features that made our coverage special include:

  • Wall-to-wall live coverage: from up-close clashes in the streets to government news conferences
  • Multiple crews equipped with live-capable smartphones, able to deliver live from inside the crowds
  • Added value by providing a Hong Kong politics timeline and a profile of Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, one of the key protagonists.

Personal stories, including a shopkeeper expressing support for protesters and another protester going on hunger strike.

New York helicopter crash

Last week’s helicopter crash on the roof of a New York high rise shocked many. Reuters live signals were switched on by a number of broadcasters as soon as they were established with over 120 channels jumping on.

A live top shot of the scene was established within 15 minutes of the first news alert of the crash; a second ground shot quickly followed.

Our specialized UGC team cleared some critical elements. Cleared social media content is exceptionally useful for helping customers mitigate the increasing risk of ending in court and paying big damages. Cleared UGC by us is not only verified, it’s also free of that risk.

The return of Amanda Knox

There was huge demand for Amanda Knox on her return to Italy, a country where the US language student spent several years in jail for the murder of her British roommate – a verdict that was subsequently overturned by Italy’s supreme court. Knox returned to give a speech on her experience with the media. We covered both of Milan’s main airports to get her arrival.