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Notre Dame Fire

By Yann Tessier | Apr 23, 2019

You don’t need a cultural reference, understanding of a language or advance knowledge of the subject to be moved by the images of flames engulfing one of the world’s most-visited monuments. And that probably explains the volume of interest in the Notre Dame fire. Around the world, special programming was fed to a large extent by our coverage.

More than 19 hours of live video of the fire, reactions, statements and news conferences. No less than 926 channels aired our footage in real time. Over 120 edits put out between the start of the fire on Monday and Friday. We delivered more, we delivered better, we curated content efficiently and rapidly, we had more angles, better lives, more UGC — and are staying with the story.

Newsrooms are busy, chaotic places. So, we’re often grateful when clients take time to give us feedback:

During the fire you obviously had several cameras in different locations but also each location provided a good selection of different shots and framings, making it possible to edit sequences effectively.”

— Pictures editor, global broadcaster

“You were way ahead with UGC. It was an important aspect of the story and you had it.”

— Head of intake, international news channel.