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Reuters Video: Plane spotters

From avalanche catastrophe and aviation disaster to quarantine anxiety.

REUTERS/Murad Sezer

By Yann Tessier | 12 Feb, 2020

What a week it’s been; Turkey has dominated global headlines in a week that saw an avalanche, plane crash and a warning to Syria of military action. Things are no less turbulent in China, as coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on those desperate to access medical care, rendering Beijing a ghost town. 

With so much going on, cut through the noise and share the stories that matter with Reuters Connect…

Plane Spotters

The spectacular plane crash in Turkey on February 5 drew massive audiences; muscling its way past coronavirus and Donald Trump’s acquittal onto the news bulletins of over 1,000 channels. 

Forget about our competitors — we were way ahead and first with our own signal, not from one but from two cameras. At one stage, our videographer was within meters of the plane, offering unrivaled detail.

Avalanche disaster

Only a few hours earlier, we were first to access footage of a huge avalanche that killed 41 people in the east of the country, around the same time Turkey warned Syria of the possibility of military action. Reuters presence across the globe far eclipses that of our competitors, meaning we get the coverage first and fast.

Stories from the Quarantine

No one can rival Reuters storytelling. Our compelling footage of a mother and daughter’s anguish trying to pass a checkpoint to access critical medical care, differentiated us from the competition and was viewed more than 6 million times by Thursday last week. 

Our journalists take the time to uncover the human element of global news events, ensuring that our customers have compelling content that gets beneath the surface of the news and shines a light on the human cost of disaster.  

Beijing deserted…

Reuters just keeps innovating. Reuters Chief Producer, Mark Chisholm, took to the streets of Beijing, capturing the 21 million person city eerily deserted. This was was a big hit on digital channels, showing the raw vulnerability of a city on lock down, from a perspective few others could access.