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Reuters Video: The long goodbye

From helicopter disaster, sickness on the high seas to commemorating the final stop in the Brexit saga, Reuters capture the events that make news.

REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon

By Yann Tessier | 05 Feb, 2020

Welcome to February, the month of: romance, cupid, a flu riddled cruiseliner and a grief stricken basketball community. Our journalists have been filing stories around the clock; check out what they’ve been up to…

Virus Hunters

Tracking down the story behind the invisible enemy, Coronavirus, Videojournalist Martin Pollard and photographer Thomas Peter have been at the forefront of our coverage. Their content has been used by more than 1,200 TV channels worldwide and topped nearly every news bulletin every day. The popularity of this content undoubtedly stems from their tenacity, avoiding over zealous authorities who are keen to pass over the problem of an inquisitive foreign journalist to the next juristiction. 

Sick on the high seas

A mystery illness, feared to be coronavirus, gripped a giant cruise ship earlier this month, as 6,000 passengers were struck down with flu-like symptoms. The mammoth vessel was forced to dock in Rome as the ship faced testing and quarantine. A gripping development in the Coronavirus epidemic, news of the malady addled mooring was extremely popular with our customers, with our coverage shared globally.

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye

Last friday, the UK finally said goodbye to the European Union. A long awaited departure, there were mixed feelings throughout the country as Britain enters a new epoch in its foreign policy. To mark the moment of departure, Reuters toured the capitals of Europe gathering the goodbyes of European citizens. 

A heartwarming ‘Goodbye to Britain’, the video was extremely popular with our clients, and was used across broadcast channels and social media.  

The long goodbye

In the wake of the tragic helicopter crash which killed Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others, Reuters journalists delivered in-depth coverage- fast. Reporting on the heartrending aftermath of the crash, we provided a live signal that was used globally by major players worldwide.