Time travelling on Reuters Connect - Reuters News Agency

Time travelling on Reuters Connect

Journalism is often described as the first draft of history. And, when thousands of those drafts are joined together another story begins.

By Julia Glover | Jun 06, 2018

Reuters journalists have been covering the news for more than 160 years.

Our award-winning writers, photographers and video journalists deliver work by the minute, hour and day as they witness some of the world’s most significant moments.

Now, for the first time, the most decadent content across those decades has been compiled in Reuters Connect.

This is the story of “Today in History” – a new feature on our multimedia platform that has selected coverage representing historically significant events that stretch back to 1900 for every day of the year.

Thousands of iconic assets have been compiled to mark political developments, technological breakthroughs, natural disasters, infamous crimes and record-breaking achievements from the world of show business and sport.

From the first aeroplane flight of the Wright Brothers in 1903 to the final flight of the Concorde in 2003, working with Today in History feels like travelling through time.

The Wright brothers first aeroplane flight

Multimedia moments

Staying true to the Reuters Connect philosophy, “Today in History” packages deliver multimedia assets in a single destination to streamline workflow. With the research and compilation complete, clients only need to click and download.

Photo and video assets are combined in collections to cover 10 major events for each date on the calendar.

Interactive Graphics will also be published with a timeline of events for each day that includes a selection of corresponding images. These can be downloaded and customized according to client needs or published directly as they appear on the platform.

In future, the collections will also include rare assets from our text archive including coverage of major events such as the sinking of the Titanic.

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Does history repeat itself?
For some publishers, the packages will offer additional context as past events relate to present coverage such as the first-ever soccer World Cup and North Korea’s withdrawal from the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.
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Separately or combined, “Today in History” events are easily shared on social media and invite audiences to view content that we believe holds wide appeal across generations. Some customers may wish to edit a day’s worth of historical events into a single video – as we did here.

As all newsrooms on a deadline know, time waits for no one. Start planning your future now with “Today in History”.