Tomorrow’s News Report 2017 - Reuters News Agency

Tomorrow’s News: The year when media became the headline

Tomorrow’s News unveils some of the key news consumption shifts, what’s influencing news attitudes and behaviours, and what the future holds.

Based on a global survey of 1,711 users, the findings also show that while fake news can be damaging for both news brands and advertizers, brands which advertize on trusted news sites can benefit.

Findings include:

  • Trustworthy content is the number one factor that makes online news brands appealing (57% agreed).
  • 83% tend to trust well-known news brands and always check the accuracy of shared news from other sources (up 6% on 2016).
  • 57% agree that they have a more favourable opinion of a brand if it advertises on a trusted news site (rising to 60% among those in director level positions).

Read this report to make sure you’re aware of the shifting attitudes and behaviours that are impacting journalism and the business of news.