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Journalism, Media, and Technology: Trends & Predictions 2019

Subscription and membership are key revenue priorities for the news industry in 2019 – but how many will pay for news?

By Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism


Journalism will continue to be hollowed out by structural shifts that have already led to significant falls in advertising revenue. Publishers are looking to subscriptions to make up the difference but the limits of this are likely to become apparent in 2019. Meanwhile the spread of false, misleading and extreme content will continue to undermine democracies around the world.

Reuters Institute’s annual report surveyed over 200 editors, CEOs and digital leaders, in 29 countries.

Read this report to:

  • Find out why subscription and membership are the key priorities for the news industry going forward;
  • Discover the impact of voice-activated technologies on how audiences access content;
  • Understand how to tackle misinformation and disinformation.

Key insights:

  1. Over half (52%) will focus on subscription and membership, expecting it to be the main revenue focus in 2019.
  2. Almost two thirds (61%) are concerned or extremely concerned about staff burnout.
  3. Over three-quarters (78%) think it is important to invest more in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help secure the future of journalism – but not as an alternative to employing more editors.

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