Wibbitz on the “pivot-to-video” and finding new revenue streams. - Reuters News Agency

Wibbitz on the “pivot-to-video” and finding new revenue streams.

With ever declining revenues on print advertizing, publishers are pushed to find new revenue streams.

By Alice Rizzo | Nov 23, 2017

When MTV News decided to shift its resources to “short-form video content” because it was “more in line with young people’s media consumption habits” several other media followed the move and made the industry rethink its transition to digital journalism.

In our industry, one of the priorities has been and still is streamlining video production.

According to Wibbitz, video advertizing tends to get higher rate than other online ads and it also goes hand in hand with the increasing use of mobile and social media platform to access news. Laurent Lasserre, Country Director at Wibbitz told us:

Scale your video production, grow your video team and think video first”

— Laurent Lasserre, Country Director at Wibbitz

To get a good ROI, publishers need to get sufficient reach for their videos.

One advantage with video is that once produced, its content is highly shareable on social and provides diverse repurposing opportunities. According to Wibbitz, video still is a booming advertising market with video CPM providing higher ROI than display ads. Overall, users engage and share more video content on social. It’s also  an opportunity for publishers to make their content and their brand more visible on platforms. Wibbitz allows publishers to be more reactive to breaking news and lower their costs but the real added value is the scalability. Laurent Lasserre commented on this aspect and said:

The social format, text on video like NowThis or AJ+ is king; Wibbitz enables publishers to create industry video just like “NowThis” which are normally more “haute-couture ”

— Laurent Lasserre, Country Director at Wibbitz

In 2020, Facebook wants to see only video content and with new platforms like Amazon Echo Show providing video content, publishers need to have systems in place to satisfy the demand, and now is a good time to be implementing them.

That said, publishers also have to think about ways to differentiate their brand and video outputs, for Laurent, “ it is not the technology that makes raw video great but it is the content”.

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