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The first impression is the last. Discover your gateway to Reuters Connect.

By Alex Maragoudakis | Jun 19, 2018

With the news agenda moving faster than ever, and the demands of modern-day publishing requiring constant attention, how can publishers stay on top of it all?

Reuters Connect introduces a new gateway to the best multimedia coverage on the platform, designed to help users quickly discover the content most important to their audience. Five, human-curated views provide an efficient way to discover multimedia content.

Go, explore the power of our archive, and find stories selected by our global editors.


Spotlight: Deep-dive into the biggest events.

Covering major events across the world of politics, finance, sports and entertainment Spotlight content is designed to help users quickly. With spotlight clients are able to access real-time multimedia coverage of key events and explore archive through curated collections.

Visit our Spotlight page in Reuters Connect now.

Today in History: 366 days. No exceptions.

Showcasing archival content from historically significant events, Today in History allows you to tell the stories that will transport your audience through time.

Thousands of iconic assets have been compiled to mark political developments, technological breakthroughs, natural disasters, infamous crimes and record-breaking achievements from the world of show-business and sport.

Explore Today in History and travel through time with Reuters Connect.

Story clusters: All stories. All Multimedia.

Introducing a ‘Director’s View’ of our coverage.

Story Clusters automatically updates in real time to group content into the day’s major events. As we publish multimedia content, our story clusters move up the page so you can stay on top of all stories as they develop.

Check out Story Clusters.

Editors’ Choice: Seek more.

Our Editors’ Choice section brings you an unrivalled level of curation.

This is the content with a real WOW! factor either because of it being a human-interest story, an investigative piece, or any piece our editors’ feel has strong value but might not always be the top story of the day.

Seek more from Reuters with Editors’ Choice.

Featured Partner: Formidable Partnerships. Formidable Content.

This section showcases some of our incredible partners. These include some of the world’s most respected media organizations providing publishers with access to amazing news content, as well as incredible specialist content.

Discover our Featured Partner section today and find more than ever before.

As we continue this journey to help publishers find every asset and follow every story from start to finish through a seamless workflow, we will continue to develop our curated views, showcasing more content from Reuters and our partners along the way.

Stay in tune with our Help Pages to see What’s New and find your gateway to the world’s premier multimedia content.


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