Embeddable Covid-19 Graphics for government bodies and health authorities

Embeddable Covid-19 Graphics for government bodies and health authorities

Reuters is offering free, embeddable COVID-19 tracker graphics to government bodies and health authorities around the world

The graphics — which show the number of coronavirus cases at national level and, in the US, at county level — can be easily embedded on public-facing websites free of charge, to help authorities illustrate the impact of the virus on their communities.

Graphics by Sam Hart, Chris Canipe and U.S. Bureau

What are they?

Free graphics that track the spread of COVID-19 at a Global and US level based on data gathered by Reuters that can be easily embedded into any website owned by a government body or health authority. The graphics, as shown in the two links below, will display exactly as shown on your own site.

Once embedded, the data displayed will automatically update twice a day with the most recent data collated by our teams who are sourcing this information directly from local government and health websites, press releases and verified reporting from local media.

The global tracker will display number of cases, deaths and recoveries at a national level and the US tracker the number of cases and deaths right down to county level. Reuters rigorously factchecks this data for any inconsistencies or discrepancies and ensures corrections and adjustments are made where applicable.

Who is this for?

The graphics can be used on the website of any government body and health authorities globally subject to our Terms & Conditions. To submit your interest, please fill out the request form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with more details and the instructions to use the graphics on your website.

How do I use it?

Reuters Interactive graphics are dynamic Javascript based graphics intended for online platforms. All graphics are fully responsive to work across all screen sizes and platforms. You can deploy the graphics on your website by using the embed codes we will send to you once you have submitted your request form. You should receive an email from us within 24 hours with instructions and codes that will enable you to render the graphic on your website. The files are hosted by Reuters with no editing required and once embedded the data will update automatically.

Request Graphics

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