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ICYMI – The inauguration, Bosnia migrants and Indonesia plane crash

Billions worldwide will be watching President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration this Wednesday, ending the highly controversial presidency of Donald Trump. Reuters stands-by, ready for what is certain to be one of the most memorable inaugurations of a generation. Access our planning tool in Reuters Connect, for a wealth of material from the ceremony and more.

Meanwhile, hundreds of migrants are taking shelter in abandoned buildings in and around the northwestern Bosnian town of Bihac, wrapping up as best they can against the snow and freezing weather and hoping eventually to reach EU member Croatia across the border.

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Demonstrations ahead of Biden’s inauguration in U.S.

National Guard troops receive guns and ammunition outside the U.S. Capitol building as supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump are expected to protest against the election of President-elect Joe Biden, in Washington DC.

‘Please help us’: Migrants endure Bosnia’s winter

Migrants queue to receive food during a snowfall as hundreds of them are taking shelter in abandoned buildings in the northwestern town of Bihac in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Indonesia finds casing of crashed Sriwijaya Air jet’s cockpit recorder

Indonesian divers have found the casing of the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) from a Sriwijaya Airplane that crashed into the Java Sea last week, but are still searching for its memory unit, a navy officer said on Friday.

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