Reuters Connect

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The Platform for Journalists

Reuters Connect is designed by journalists, for journalists. Built to streamline your editorial team’s workflow, the platform enables users to search by any topic, at any time and in any medium – with full related archive access all in a single destination.

It’s a single destination that gives you the power and agility to harness the world’s content, helping you increase engagement and grow your audience.

Key Features

Multimedia Content in a Single Destination
Immediate access to raw and ready-to-publish coverage with archive content dating back to 1896. What’s more, Reuters Live is available on Reuters Connect, making it even simpler to publish live streams directly to websites, apps, Facebook pages and YouTube channels.

Points-Based Spending Model
The freedom to cost-effectively try out new content categories, experiment with different formats and respond quickly as news breaks.

Story-Centric View
From the very latest content to the very first mention, view all the assets relating to a story in one place.

Powerful and Effective Search
Designed to improve how your newsroom discovers content, our search function is both predictive and effective, enabling you to deliver stories with speed.

Planning Tools
Alerts, advisories and an editorial calendar provide a real-time view on coverage, timings and formats, giving you the ability to plan ahead.

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Delivering award-winning coverage including breaking news, business, finance, sports, entertainment, science, technology, health and much more.


Reuters Connect’s flexible points system gives you access to more multimedia content than ever before, enabling you to optimize your editorial budget and maximize ROI.


By combining Reuters resources with those of other leading media organizations worldwide, Reuters Connect gives you the power and agility to harness the world’s content.