Energy Outlook 2019

Reuters Content Studio

The Challenge

The world of energy is changing rapidly as the world moves towards its goal of net-zero emissions. Yet conversations around energy have become over-simplified. For their Energy Outlook 2019 report BP required an execution that opened a conversation about the future of energy with influential C-suite audiences. BP also wanted to ensure that a live digital component was incorporated into the campaign in addition to ensuring that the energy report findings would come to life and live beyond their annual webinar.

The Solution

Reuters Plus produced an exclusive live interview with BP’s Group Chief Economist, Spencer Dale, which was promoted on reuters.com and amplified via Twitter.

impressions generated across Reuters platforms and Twitter

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live views

High-impact display campaign

Reuters delivered a series of high-impact display campaign takeovers of the homepage and energy & environment sections, as well as a targeted audience campaign on reuters.com. This gave BP prominence in key sections of the site, delivering a strong creative message to targeted audiences.

Live interview and branded Twitter moment

Reuters Plus organised an exclusive, live interview with BP’s Group Chief Economist, Spencer Dale, hosted by Reuters presenter Angeline Ong. Using sophisticated targeting, the event was promoted on reuters.com and Twitter, driving premium traffic to the live stream and amplifying the highlights via a branded Twitter Moment, creating an open and lively discussion on the future of energy.