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The Challenge

Standard Chartered sought to amplify its position as a market expert and trusted adviser to high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs throughout Singapore, China, India and Kenya. To engage this influential audience, Standard Chartered needed a solution that showcased inspiring real-world examples of innovation and industry disruption in order to align its brand with visionary thinking and create a catalyst for conversation.

The Solution

Reuters Plus developed and created an inspiring two-part content series, Change Makers, showcasing the vision and insight of successful first time, multi-generational and multiple business entrepreneurs revolutionising industries from clothing and textiles to tea distribution. We amplified the content with a high-impact advertising campaign across Reuters premium platforms and social media.

Above average dwell time on content hub

High number of unique views on content hub

% Average CTR via Twitter amplification

Phase one

We identified an entrepreneur who has achieved success in transforming a traditional industry in each of our client’s key markets. We went on location to each of our Change Makers’ businesses to bring their story and passion to life with a series of impactful videos supported by written editorial. We showcased a Chinese technology disruptor who has modernized education through innovative robotics technology and traveled to tea plantations in India to understand how e-commerce has changed how tea is distributed.

To support these engaging stories, we created infographics showcasing the latest entrepreneurial trends accross China, India, Kenya and Singapore


Phase two

In order to build upon the strong foundations of phase one, we expanded the scope of our content to look at the key trends impacting our markets for successful start-ups that have grown to become established businesses. We identified regional experts with the practical experience to help facilitate this transition and conducted in-depth news-style video interviews to bring their insight to the fore. To enable our audience to get even closer to the topics, we made extended versions of the interviews available as podcasts.

“Reuters understood what we wanted to do and certainly has delivered relevant content. They have effectively communicated our customer value proposition meaningfully in the campaign and the idea behind the campaign came from real insights on the lives of entrepreneurs, their challenges and aspirations. The campaign had generated positive response and we’re glad that we had this partnership with Reuters.”
Norliza Kassim, Global Head of Personal Segment & Digital Marketing at Standard Chartered Bank

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