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Midterm Election Report: Reuters analysis of the results

Reuters’ partnership with The National Election Pool (NEP) is the fastest and most accurate source of election and reliable polling data. NEP called 296 race first, compared to 76 of our competitors. Get your copy of the Reuters Midterm Election Report for a breakdown of the results and commentary from election experts.

How each election impacts the next.

The 2022 election raised as many questions as it answered. Why didn’t the red wave live up to Republicans’  optimistic predictions? How did the Democrats manage to hold the Senate they were projected to lose? Do they have a chance to do the same in 2024?  How will each party need to adjust their platforms and priorities to win the next cycle?

It’s been less than 6 months, and it already feels like the Presidential Election has started. The prospect of a 2016-style primary for the Republican nomination is becoming increasingly likely, and with less than a year until the earliest ever primary season, activity is sure to start surging earlier than ever.

Get your copy of the US midterm elections report from Reuters, and receive an in-depth breakdown of the results / expert commentary from news and election experts. The report will cover:

  • Map of NEP race calls compared to competitors
  • How each election impacts the next
  • Building trust with audiences through data
  • The top issues that mattered most to voters
  • Putting neutrality into practice 
  • Midterm election results explained 
  • What’s next until the 2024 Presidential Elections

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