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Midterm Election Report: Reuters analysis of the results

Now that all the votes have been counted in the 2022 General Election, most of the biggest questions we had leading into November 8th have been answered. Get your copy of the Reuters Midterm Election Report for a breakdown of the results and hear expert commentary from our election experts.

How each election impacts the next.

Election day raised as many questions as it answered, the most frequently asked question was why the Democrats succeeded in so many more races than predicted. Thanks to National Election Pool member Edison Research, Reuters clients were able to quickly find that, as suspected, abortion was the leading factor among those that voted Democrat.

Edison Research’s exit polling, which has been best in class for decades, was aggressively updated in the past few years to account for a post-covid world where early and mail-in voting have drastically increased.

Download the report to find out more, including:

  • Midterm election results explained
  • Building trust with audiences through data
  • Trust trends to address in the next few years
  • What’s next until the 2024 Presidential Elections?

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 REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

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 REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson