On Nov. 3, history will be made

On the road to the US Presidential Election, every moment matters. With far reaching impact around the world, the outcome will reshape global politics, trade and international relations. Get the edge with Reuters.

Countdown to US Elections 2020

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An election like no other.

Set against the backdrop of a global pandemic, a fractured electorate and the rise of misinformation, the 2020 US elections are poised to be one of the most watched elections of our lifetime. An election of global consequences, this year’s presidential cycle has captured the attention of the world.

Get the latest from the campaign trail with Reuters. Bring the story to life with our specialized election packages that harness data, insights, interactive graphics and first-class multimedia coverage. Fueled by trusted, up to date information, never miss a moment with Reuters.

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2020 US Election Packages

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National Election Pool data feed including:

  • Live election results
  • Exit polls
  • Ipsos sentiment polling data
  • Includes the Graphics Package

Full Reuters graphic offering, including:

  • Engaging interactives
  • Static graphics
  • Graphics Wire
  • Election Night “Map”

Full Reuters US Election coverage including:

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Text
  • Explainers

Data Package

Utilizing multiple data sets that connect directly to your systems via API, this package gives you the flexibility to display results across all channels in your preferred way.

In the Run Up to Election Day

Reuters/Ipsos Polling data

A new source of insight for 2020, deliver a unique view of the race
through US Voter opinion polling

  • Running since 2012, The Reuters/Ipsos poll is an essential
    component of the remote 2020 cycle
  • For the first time ever, analyze and filter crosstabs by
    demographics and voting behavior, and craft unique takes for
    your audiences
  • Five questions will be asked each week, with weekly additions
    (based on editorial judgement)

The Big Night

General election real-time vote count

  • Vote count/winner projections for all state-wide races
  • Selected ballot measures and referenda
  • National summaries of electoral votes won by each presidential
    candidate, Senate and House of Representative and Governors.

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Forget small straw polls. Expand the scale of the 2020 elections story with National Election Pool (NEP) data. Chart real-time outcomes from 900 locations throughout the 2020 Elections Cycle through the Reuters/NEP partnership.

Unlike other election data providers, the NEP will call races in real-time and continue to report on ballot results even after the race outcome has been decided, ensuring you have access to reliable election outcomes and granular voting results.

What is the NEP?
The gold standard for election vote count, the National Election Pool delivers fast and accurate 2020 US Elections data. Utilizing news streams from four of the biggest US networks: ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN and Edison Research.

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Graphics Package

Chronicle the road to Election Night and engage your audience with our award winning graphics powered by fact-checked data

  • Access all our 2020 US Elections related graphics from the award-winning Reuters Graphics team
  • As the race evolves, give your audience the edge with stunning visual they can engage with from Reuters Graphics
  • Embed graphics in a few easy clicks, customize, edit, and translate (some graphics available in various languages)
  • Additional graphics as the election approaches, including a
    mixture of two-dimensional static graphics, and engaging

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Multimedia News Package

Bring the road to election night to life and craft stories for your audience in every format

  • Video
    Rallies, voter profiles, Trump and Biden speeches, Senate and Congress reports, issues digests in raw and packaged formats
  • Pictures
    Iconic imagery capturing candidates and voters from key campaign events and Election day/night
  • Text
    Breaking news alerts and deeper insights capturing every moment quickly and definitively
  • Explainers
    Breakdown of the race mechanics and domestic and international policies, for global audiences

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