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Informative, insightful and in-depth analysis of the trends shaping digital journalism today.

The Digital News Report from @risj_oxford brings together survey data from 93,432 online news consumers, in 46 markets, representing more than half of the world’s population. Its insights are revelatory, global and unique.

The report identifies three trends shaping the future of journalism:

  • Selective news avoidance
    4 in 10 people are limiting their exposure to certain types of news, like Ukraine, the pandemic, and the cost of living.
  • Shift in audience trust
    42% of people trust the news most of the time.
  • Reader revenue
    Growth of subscription readers is starting to level off, despite increases in a few higher-income countries. This is likely due to the increased cost of living.


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The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism is a part of the University of Oxford, supported with core funding from the Thomson Reuters Foundation.


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