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In the digital era, video is king. We are the leading global news agency for video content.

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With video consumption continuing to rise, and new video platforms cropping up, the need to have up-to-date audio-visual content has become an imperative for online and broadcasting companies.

In a world where news and events are so interconnected and reach so far, you may feel the need  to cover the entire globe 24/7. But you don’t have to.

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Access real-time reporting with the fastest delivery of news content, covering breaking news, sports, business news, technology, human interest and select regional coverage from around the world. With our infrastructure and footprint, we report on key developments within seconds so you can be timely with great coverage.

Our global coverage is second to none. With 2,500+ journalists in more than 200 locations, we are the leader in global coverage. From London to Buenos Aires, from Cape Town to Tokyo, from Wuhan to Timbuktu.

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Reuters Video is our new solution that gives you access to hundreds of raw videos every day. Plus, with our verification and rights clearance for UGC content, you can have every point of view in video content ready for you to use. Simply choose the delivery method that  suits you best; our API connections deliver video content straight into your systems so you can easily modify and publish; and our Reuters Connect platform allows you to search, preview, edit and export content in the format that you need it, anywhere anytime.

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Real video you can trust

With deep fakes and doctored videos becoming common place, we provide 100% verified video content you can trust. Our experts review and validate the content, ensuring that you only get videos that are real. Furthermore, all our content is rights-cleared and available for you to use without concerns for any legal or compliance requirements.

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