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Our assignment service gives you eye-opening content in every format – for every unique requirement.

All our partners face the same challenge. The need to be constantly producing engaging content to maintain and grow audience interest across all of their social and digital platforms – across global broadcast channels and across multiple devices.
Our global network of highly-experienced production staff and writers capture every minute of the action. From your angle. From anywhere in the world. All the images, videos and narrative you need to capture the moment and satisfy your fans – and the world’s – avid appetite for sporting action.

Produced by a team of experts, your custom content will span high-quality video, pictures, graphics, newswires all designed to get maximum pick up in over 3,000 newsrooms and media channels worldwide. It’s our unique knowledge and unmatched distribution network that delivers a truly unbeatable sports multimedia partnership.


We create and distribute specialist, visually-arresting content that:

Gives governing bodies, sporting organizations and federations balanced, in-depth coverage.

On location, at all your events – and across all disciplines. To help maximize awareness and interest in your sport and leagues in both your native and new markets – we make your content available to newsrooms worldwide.

Enables sports teams to stand-out in your crowded arena.

We do this by producing and distributing high-quality, attention-grabbing content essential to break through the noise. Content that connects and excites loyal supporters – and expands your fan base in every corner of the globe.

Gives sponsors the perfect standpoint and unique angle at sporting events

– by placing your brand at the very heart of the action – and unrivaled access to publishers – worldwide. Our customer success team is here to give you confidence and reassurance that we have everything covered at each of your highly-localized events.

Get instant pick-up on newsworthy and ongoing stories.

Shot to fit your specific formats, and captured for your individual requirements, the content we produce is owned by you to use freely across your channels.
Feed your website with a constant stream of captivating content. Drive your social media interactions by sharing custom content and commentary.
We’ll catch the action at matches, races, tournaments, meetings, press and sponsor events. On your behalf. From your viewpoint. Anywhere in the world.

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